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About Ever Rite Technologies Co. Ltd

ˇ§Ever Rite Technologies Co. Ltd.ˇ¨, Hong Kong, SAR China, is but an extension of the long growing and experienced team of directors who form this new company based out of Hong Kong and having her factory backup offices in Zhuhai, China.

Formed and started by Mr. Donald Chan, whose experience in the Printer Consumables business over the past 20 years has made him an expert and well respected person in this field.

Donald Chan has been associated with various firms as GM and Business Development Directors for companies in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Zhuhai , China where originations of bulk inks, pigment inks, bulk toner, specialized toners, remanufacturing of Inkjet Cartridges, remanufacturing of laser toner cartridges, production and manufacturing of new compatible inkjets and laser toner cartridges and various other printer consumables related business have evolved and grown over the past decades.

ˇ§Ever Rite Technologies Co. Ltd.ˇ¨, Hong Kong, SAR China, strives again, under the leadership of group of experienced directors , believes can further support the
sales all over the world for various basis of customers , be it for remanufactured inkjet cartridges, bulk toners, bulk inks , laser toner cartridges or even for spare parts and empty cartridges as required by customers, to further extend her arms and look for new partners in USA , Europe , Africa, Middle East, India, Pakistan , Central and South East Asia and even as far as Australia, New Zealand .

We seek to strive in supporting our clients with printer consumables and also use our offices in your service for any procurement, inspections and exports of other computer related peripherals and accessories if required, as a trading service to you.

Off and on, there are a lot of stocks, specials offers and other attractive sales available in the region, if passed on to our clients, we feel, can help you all profit more and make this relationship between ˇ§Ever Rite Technologies Co. Ltd.ˇ¨, Hong Kong, SAR China, and YOU, a win-win platform for us to move ahead with.

Our partnerˇ¦s factories manufacturing Compatible Inkjet Cartridges, Compatible Laser / Copier Toner Cartridges, Spare Parts, Remanufactured Inkjets / Laser Toner Cartridges, Bulk Toners/ Inks and others, can support you like none other. We feel combined with our service and expertise in the industry, we can help you get what you want in this industry at the best attractive terms and quality as desired.

The Hong Kong Government and banks have supported us through the years, to offer generous forms of CREDITS AND LONG TERM PAYMENT options to our clients, TO YOU, which can be as extended as 180 DAYS OPEN ACCOUNT in some cases.
(of course all this is based on terms and conditions, acceptance of your country and your credit ratings, business period with us prior to offering credits and more details to be looked into). These credit facilities can help our customers, HELP YOU, in maximizing your profits and managing your finances for purchases better.

Come and contact us, to partner with us and to move way ahead with the Printer Consumables Business and to make every partnership a PROFITABLE ONE !



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